Animal Forensic Investigations LLC

 (Veterinary Forensics)

Dr. Ernest Rogers DVM, PhD,

Certified Medical Investigator Senior Level-V (ACFEI)

Diplomate (American Board of Forensic Medicine)

Assisting the legal community, law enforcement  and the general public in the investigation of crimes against animals including: Animal Cruelty and Abuse, Animal Poisonings and Animal Behavior.

Dr Rogers has a passion for Veterinary Forensics, Crime Scene Investigation, Medical Investigations, and Expert Witness Testimony as a Forensic Veterinarian.  

Dr. Ernest Rogers holds several degrees including a Bachelor of Science (Biomedical sciences and Biology),  Bachelor of Arts (Neuropsychology and Behavior), Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and a Doctorate in Philosophy (Toxicology and Pharmacology).  Further, Dr. Rogers is a Certified Medical Investigator (American College of Forensic Examiner Institute) and a Diplomate of the American Board of Forensic  Medicine.

Doctor Rogers initiated his first  forensic case in 1995 in Roanoke Virginia. This was at the request of Roanoke County Police. Dr Rogers served and was certified as an expert witness for that case.  Since that initial case, Dr Rogers has been involved in a projectile recovery (bullet recovery from a dog killed) for the Orange New Jersey Police Department.  The forensic ballistic review of the projectile recovered, was then identified as coming from a firearm that had been involved in multiple human murders.   

Dr  Rogers has assisted and consulted both prosecution and the defense attorneys through expert witness consultation, review of legal documents including police reports, witness statements, crime scene photographs and  other relevant documentation.  To date, Dr. Rogers has assisted multiple police departments including the  NJSPCA Humane Police in the establishment of over 50 cases.  The development of forensic veterinary evidence is a skill unique to the Forensic Veterinarian.  Dr. Rogers based on his experience, education and depth of knowledge has been able to successfully assist in multiple criminal and several civill litigations.  Dr. Rogers also is an educator giving lectures on Veterinary Forensics to Veterinarians, Law Enforcement, and Forensic Scientists.

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